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278 Main Street
Bar Harbor, Maine
 207 288 2781

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Tea House 278

An experienced tea professional

will assist the customer in their tea selection tailored for the individual’s palate. Our tea is sourced from family-owned tea farms in china and taiwan.

Tea ceremony service

Done tableside or at the focal point of the tea house, our unique artisan-crafted, concrete tea bar. Instruction in tea service skills is provided.

Tea Garden

We are incredibly excited about serving customers in our wonderful new tea garden. Enjoy the amenities of the garden with its two waterfalls, a flowing stream, beautiful plants and symbolic stone work. The garden offers an opportunity to slow down, appreciate one’s surroundings and enjoy the incredible flavors of hand-crafted tea.

Tea Culture

Our customers find that visiting the Tea House, savoring exotic flavors of our teas and enjoying pleasant conversation is a very relaxing and memorable experience. The centuries-old custom of focusing on the tea ceremony provides a glimpse into the practice of mindfulness.

Guests may continue their tea experience at home by choosing from a wide retail selection of loose tea and teaware.