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278 Main Street
Bar Harbor, Maine
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A sensory experience

If this is your first trip to our Tea House, you in for a rare and wonderful sensory experience. We invite you to linger in our relaxing atmosphere where you will enjoy fine full leaf tea like no other. If you are a novice to enjoying fine tea, please leave any perceptions about tea at the door. At Teahouse 278 one will not find milk or sweeteners. It’s just about the tea. Prepare for an amazing tasting experience.

Fine tea is like fine wine

The world of fine tea has been likened that of fine wine only much more complex. You will discover taste buds you never knew you had. If you are a seasoned tea-drinker, we hope you will find some of your favorites or perhaps explore some of our recently developed varieties of tea. Where possible, our tea is sourced from small organic tea farms that have been operated by the same families for generations. Our tea is hand-picked and processed using centuries-old methods. Please be aware that from 2 oz. of our fine tea you will enjoy up to twenty five batches of tea, each with 5-10 available steepings at 2-3 teacup servings each. Depending on the particular tea this averages less than 10 cents per cup. As owners of Teahouse 278, we are very excited to introduce not only fine teas to our community, but also a relaxing venue where you can enjoy your tea with family and friends, and maybe make some new tea-friends.

How our journey began

Our customers often ask how we got into the Tea House business. We describe our journey through the world of tea that began with the common tea bag, quickly migrating to high end “gourmet” tea bags. Then we discovered full leaf tea. We quickly moved away from mass-produced commercial tea. It was a trip to tea-producing regions of China where we discovered organic artisan crafted tea on the small tea farms we visited.

It was on such a trip when we decided to bring this wonderful tea to our community. Tea House 278 quietly opened in late August of 2012. As many businesses in Bar Harbor, we operate seasonally and are open mid-May through mid-October with selected weekend hours the rest of the year. Check out our facebook page for Tea House news, featured tea of the week and off-season opening info.

We, Lynn and John, are pictured here in March 2013 tasting Baozhong Oolong in the shop of an award-winning tea farmer in Pingling in the Wenshan mountains just outside of Taipei, Taiwan.